Ailao Afi Mini Documentary

The thrill of seeing people handle knives on fire has captivated audiences around the world for generations. In this documentary, we meet Fineaso Agalenu’u and learn the ways of ailao afi.

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Day N Night Festival

Observatory brought together over 90 artists and tens of thousands of fans to the Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California. Headliner artists Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and Chance the Rapper further cemented
Day N Night into Orange County’s list of most prominent and successful music festivals.

"We Are" Commercial

Following the thriving success of the California School of the Arts in San Gabriel Valley, the leadership saw opportunity to grow their exceptional arts education network. A quick advertisement helped to get the word out on social media channels. This commercial plays off the school’s “we are” slogan.

Popular Music

Nestled in the heart of Santa Ana, OCSA’s Popular Music Conservatory debuted  in 2019. In this video, we explore the PM Conservatory through the students, faculty, and experts. Prospective students watch this video in-person and online to become oriented with Popular Music.

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