Miscellaneous Essentials

Just a few last bits to make the package come together:

  • Spare Dell laptop from the office
  • Wireless USB mouse
  • Old iPod headphones
  • Cheap HDMI Monitor (MultiView)
  • AJA U-Tap SDI
  • Keliiyo 1×4 HDMI splitters
  • Spare Cat6 ethernet cables
  • Short SDI
  • Short HDMI

Aside from cameras and cable, that’s it! Bare necessities to get a show live and streaming into the ether of the internet.

We hope to follow this post soon with how to scale up from here with GFX, Audio, Replay, and other bits of the production puzzle. For now, we hope you found this approach to building out a mobile studio interesting and welcome any questions you may have.

To see more about how we use this mobile studio, visit our live event production sister site.

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