PylePro PCO850

Making the ATEM carry-on self contained, we opted to use a precious rack unit for power. In balancing price, features, and size, we ended up zeroing in on the PylePro PC0850 Power Strip Surge Protector. 

A few features we wanted that the Pyle has include:

  • At least 6 outlets in the rear
  • 1 outlet in the front
  • Surge Protection with indication

While these were essential to us and included at the low price of $50, there were a few things we wished it had:

  • Individual power switches for each outlet
  • A cover for the main switch

During ESU and any technical maintenance, it would be nice to have exposed outlets posing no risk to someone rummaging around in the case. Plugging in additional equipment, swapping cables, whatever it may be. It would be great to know there’s little to no risk of shock from the unused outlets. Otherwise, the only other wish is that the main switch had a cover of sorts so that it couldn’t be struck during transmission. This isn’t to mean we can’t fashion one.

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