Hypderdeck Studio Mini

Blackmagic’s HyperDeck Studio Mini is a neat piece of equipment that can either record a feed sent in or send out video as playback. This is can be done via the two SDXC card slots found on the front panel.

On the back side, there are a few notable features such as HDMI and SDI out. This allows the HyperDeck to send out to HDMI/SDI for playback into the ATEM should all of the HDMI or SDI in’s be in use. Or, this can be feed out to another HyperDeck for a backup recording.

In the future, we plan to make use of the Ethernet + PoE port. This will allow the HyperDeck to be controlled via the software control panel and be powered with a large IEC cable. Saving Space is key in a small carry-on size case while making sure there’s room for airflow.

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