Carry-on Size Live Multi-Cam Production

Fitting a production studio in the overhead bin.

ATEM Carry-On? Why?

Why would someone need to get an ATEM as a carry-on?
Why go through all this trouble?

The simple answer is that it makes us more flexible. More flexible in a logistical sense, but also in our ability to scale. By containing ourselves to small cases that fit in overheads, we can check off the following:

  • Ensuring equipment is safe on flights.
  • Being able to fit our studio in the backseat of a sedan.
  • Having a small footprint on location.
  • Keeping each case lightweight for solo crews.
  • Ability to scale as a modular studio.

That last point is key. With our clients having varied production needs, a one-size-fits-all approach simply wouldn’t work for us. We would end up pricing ourselves out of reach for small scale shoots or lacking gear for larger shows. With our current arrangement, we can bring along GFX, Audio, Replay, CCU, and so on as needed. Being the brains and main hub, let’s breakdown what we considered essential as the starting point in our ATEM carry-on.

SKB Case with ATEM HD and Hyperdeck

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